ESR2 - Aerodynamics of floating offshore wind turbines undergoing large motions

Aims: The aerodynamics of FOWTs is highly complex due to the fact that the floater motion contributes to the varying effective wind velocity seen by the rotor. Additionally, the rotor may operate in its own wake, in which the flow conditions are highly unsteady. This project aims at better understanding the unsteady rotor aerodynamics, and its consequences on design. It will also look at some open questions regarding the comparison between experimental and numerical aerodynamics of a scaled FOWT under prescribed motion. This will be done using high fidelity numerical models.

Work package: WP1 - Design

Beneficiaries: TU Delft, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Partners: MARIN

Axelle Viré
Associate Professor, Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator, expert in computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interactions