Novel deSign, producTion and opEration aPproaches for floating WIND turbine farms

STEP4WIND is a European Industrial Doctorate programme, granted under the H2020 Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network initiative (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019, grant agreement 860737 ). The programme runs between April 2020 and March 2024 and will deliver 10 PhD degrees, in joint supervision and training between the public and private sectors. The main objective is to address both technological and economical challenges related to the development of floating offshore wind farms.


WESC2021 conference

A number of STEP4WIND principal investigators are leading mini-symposia at the WESC2021 conference.

MSCA2020 conference

The STEP4WIND Coordinator is invited to speak at the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Conference organised by the German Presidency of …

Kick-off meeting

Because the current COVID-19 outbreak, the kick-off meeting was held remotely on 7 April. Representatives of all the beneficiaries and …

FOWT2020 conference

The project coordinator will present STEP4WIND at the world largest event on floating offshore wind energy.

Kick-off meeting

The principal investigators will meet on 7 April 2020 in Delft to coordinate the launch of the project.



Open Science

Overview: This course is a MOOC given by TU Delft and is therefore accessible to a wide audience. More information can be found here …

Big data management

Overview: This course will cover all aspects related to data collection, management, analysis, visualisation, and sharing. Example of …

Build your start-up

Overview: This course will be delivered in collaboration with Yes!Delft. It will give the ESRs a hands-on experience with building …

Wave tank experiments

Overview: The workshop will teach offshore hydrodynamics applied to offshore wind turbine foundations (fixed and floating). Lectures …

Summer school

Overview: The programme will include seminars on: atmosphere physics and natural wind boundary layer, mechanical and control models of …

Winter school

Overview: This school will focus on social, economic and environmental impact of offshore wind. Emphasis will be on the regional …

Risk considerations for the commercialisation of floating wind turbines

Overview: ORE Catapult will present its methodology for risk management of FOWTs (including risks into some costs parameters), the …

Design, manufacturing and testing of wind turbine blades

Overview: The goal is to provide a strong practical understanding of the context that underpins wind blade innovation. The PhD …

From a PhD to a career in industry

Overview: Topics are: tools for a successful transition from academia to industry (networking, industry involvement, soft-skills); …

Intellectual Property Right

Overview: The workshop will be divided into two parts and will be organised with the technology transfer officer at TU Delft and the …

Scientific writing and presentation skills

Overview: The event will include a practical seminar on technical reporting, scientific writing, and how to use theatrical techniques …

The Doctoral Training Network

Early-stage researchers


Likhitha Ramesh Reddy

PhD student (ESR1)


Ricardo Amaral

PhD student (ESR2)


Deepali Singh

PhD student (ESR3)


Matteo Baudino Bessone

PhD student (ESR4)


Felipe Novais

PhD student (ESR5)


Alejandro del Toro

PhD student (ESR6)


Rahul Chitteth Ramachandran

PhD student (ESR8)


Omer Khalid

PhD student (ESR9)


Omar Ibrahim

PhD student (ESR10)

Principal Investigators


Axelle Viré

Assistant Professor, Project Coordinator

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interaction, Innovations in Offshore Wind Energy


Marco Belloli

Full Professor Applied Mechanics

Wind engineering, Fluid Structure Interaction, Floating Offshore Wind Energy, Bridge Engineering


Cian Desmond

Research Fellow

Coupled aero-hydro testing of floating wind turbines, Stakeholder engagement, Innovations in Offshore Wind Energy


Paul Deglaire

Team lead

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interaction


Tomas Flanagan

R&D Director


Roberts Proskovics

Team Lead - Turbines / Technical Lead - Floating Wind

Offshore Safety, Operation and Maitenance (O&M) solutions


Ilmas Bayati

Project Manager

Aero-hydrodynamics of floating wind turbines, Scale model test methodologies and full scale monitoring, Real-time modelling and control of servo-mechanisms



Julie Teuwen

Assistant Professor

Composites Manufacturing, Automated Fibre Placement, Innovations in Offshore Wind Energy


Michiel Zaaijer

Assistant Professor

Multi-disciplinary design analysis and optimisation, Farm design and layout optimisation, Wind energy in the energy system, Educating people in wind energy


Alex Loeven

Head of rotor performance - Offshore


Ellen Jump

Project Engineer


John Walker

Project Engineer

Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Numerical modelling

Recent Publications

Two-dimensional numerical simulations of vortex-induced vibrations for a cylinder in conditions representative of wind turbine towers

This paper uses numerical simulations to study vortex-induced vibrations of a two-dimensional cylinder in the transverse direction …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Bridging the gap between academic research and industrial development of floating offshore wind farms

Presentation of the STEP4WIND project at an international event


Coming soon.


D5.2 - STEP4WIND newsletters

The first newsletter is available here

D4.1 - Training guide and plan

The training guide and plan gives an overview of the training activities within the project.


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