Open Science

Overview: This course is a MOOC given by TU Delft and is therefore accessible to a wide audience. The early-stage researchers followed this training online (starting 19 May 2021, for a duration of 4 weeks). More information can be found here Duration: 4 weeks (3-4 hours/week) Lead Beneficiary: TU Delft

Big data management

Overview: This course will cover all aspects related to data collection, management, analysis, visualisation, and sharing. Example of topics are: management and interpretation of large quantities of SCADA data; open and confidential data management; practical examples of data management at ORE Catapult such as POD (Platform for Operational Data) for data collection and SPARTA (System Performance, Availability and Reliability Trend Analysis) to improve offshore wind assets. Duration: 3 days (July 2021)

Build your start-up

Overview: This course focussed on “Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Communication" and was organized by TU Delft on 15-17 November 2022, in collaboration with the company MARMAS in Germany. The course gave the ESRs a hands-on experience with building their own start-up. Topics include: hypothesis driven entrepreneurship business, model canvas, fundraising and influencing techniques communicating not only start-up ideas, but also various research related and post-doctorate opportunities. Duration: 3 days Lead Beneficiary: TU Delft

Autumn school

Overview: The Autumn school took place at Lake Como on 4-8 October 2021. The programme included lectures on: atmosphere physics and natural wind boundary layer, mechanical and control models of wind turbines, aerodynamic modelling of wind turbine, wind farms control problems, floating wind research topics and future and floating wind industrial applications. A site visit to the wind tunnels at Politecnico di Milano was also organised. All information can be found here .

Winter school

Overview: The second STEP4WIND school took place on 5-9 September 2022 and included topics on social, economic and environmental impact of offshore wind, as well as entrepreneurial and presentation skills. A short training on design, manufacturing and testing of wind turbine blades also took place at the University of Galway. Some social networking activities also took place, such as a boat cruise at Athlone. More information about the school is available here .