ESR6 - Automated manufacturing of carbon fibre reinforced composites for offshore wind turbine blades

Aims: The work will consist of: (i) the development of automated techniques for placement of unidirectional tapes of carbon-fibre epoxy in an offshore wind blade spar-cap or torsion box, and (ii) the mechanical and physical characterisation of the resulting composite materials. The particular advantages of the powder-epoxy prepreg tape route will be exploited to develop cost-effective processes that can yield maximum carbon fibre volume fraction and fibre straightness, while accommodating the blade curvature and twist.

Work package: WP2 - Production and deployment

Beneficiaries: Eire Composites, TU Delft

Partner: NUI Galway

Axelle Viré
Associate Professor, Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator, expert in computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interactions