ESR10 - Development and optimisation of Blue Economy activities coupled with FOWT farms

Aims: Both FOWTs and other sustainable deepwater offshore activities are non-matured, currently operational at demonstration scales. The goal is to further advance problem-solving methodologies for both floating offshore wind technologies and its adjacencies, by using integrated systems with physically-shared constraints, input-output and opportunities. This work will optimise the design of a FOWT hull coupled with a synergic activity, such as hydrogen production, energy storage, aquaculture, desalination or electrical substation, develop procedure to optimise the energy production systems consisting of FOWTs, electrolysers, and other technologies.

Work package: WP3 - Operation and scalability

Beneficiaries: University College Cork, ORE Catapult

Axelle Viré
Associate Professor, Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator, expert in computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interactions